What type of shoe covers should I purchase?

The most important consideration when deciding on shoe or booot covers depends on the workplace environment you inhabit. As with most personal protective equipment (PPE), the type of item you use is first based on the potential hazard(s) you face during the work day.

shoe covers


The two important considerations for you: What specific hazards do you face? What level of non-slip bottom protection do you need?

If you face liquids (most often rain water), you want water resistant poly-latex or tyvek shoe covers.  If you face only dry particulate threats such as sawdust and dirt, you can also choose shoe covers made from polypropylene such as what the medical industry ues.   Choose shoe or boot covers that have a non-skid bottom with with stripes or a diamond grid pattern.  Using polyethylene shoe covers that don’t have a nonskid bottom may be less expensive but are very, very slippery and hazardous.  Your safety and that of your workers is more important than saving a few cents per shoe cover!

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