Top 10 Things to Recycle at Your Construction Site

Top 10 Things to Recycle at Your Construction Site

In this article, John Perritano rates the top 10 things to recycle-saving you money and the environment as well!
According to the Construction Materials Recycling Association, construction and demolition waste are the largest sources of trash in the United States. The association says 325 million tons of recoverable construction debris is generated in the United States each year [source: Construction Materials Recycling Association]. In the past, all that metal, concrete, wood, block and asphalt would have ended up in a landfill. The key to a successful deconstruction project is to reuse what you can, and recycle the rest.
While not every bit of construction and demolition debris can — or even should — be recycled, much of what goes into a house can be reused. More information and the list is located with this link:
Wood and Lumber
Roofing Shingles
Glass and Windows
Landscape Waste
Concrete and Masonry

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