A Collection Of Our Latest Surface Protection Products

To best serve our customers, we’re constantly looking for and adding new products. This means that our current catalog doesn’t feature every product we sell. To remedy this, we now include a newly printed promotional flyer in all orders and product sample requests that covers our new products. Below are a few of our new products, and some information about them.

DoorGuard Plus is our most recent door protection offering. Now capable of protecting doors up to 8′ tall and 4′ wide, DoorGuard Plus can be used on a wide range of commercial and hospital applications. Doorguard Plus is available in 3’6″, 3’8″, and 4′ widths. It features the same easy attachment bands as standard DoorGuard, and all sizes/widths feature perforations for door hardware.

Edge-Guard is a new temporary barrier system designed for sealing workspaces in crowded or populated environments. This ICRA approved barrier system features everything from locks and doors to negative air machine compatible panels, making it versatile and useful. Also new to Builders Site Protection, rental options are available for Edge Guard, saving builders money on short-term projects.

Edge Guard being used in a hospital

RamBoard Plus is a new variation of RamBoard featuring a pre-taped seam that can be pulled off to secure RamBoard as you’re rolling it out. Including tape saves time and effort, ensuring that RamBoard Plus is the fastest way to protect large floors and concrete slabs.

All-Protect is an adhesive fiber based liner that can be applied to nearly every finish. Because it can securely hold to anything, it is ideal for tough-to-protect surfaces such as elevator cabs, bathtubs, fixtures, handrails, and custom stairs. All-Protect is guaranteed to remove cleanly and without leaving any adhesive residue.

To learn more about the product mentioned above, or any other surface protection products, visit our website www.buildsitepro.com or email us at sales@buildsitepro.com.

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