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Thank you for visiting the Surface Protection Experts! This blog is dedicated to providing surface protection information, dust control, and RRP compliance. We are here to educate contractors, and remodelers about new trends, great products, and important regulatory developments that may affect your business.

The Surface Protection Experts will help you figure out what you need to protect expensive fixtures on your job site.  We will even make recommendations for highly regulated projects such as hospital renovations.  If you are looking to purchase surface protection products, please visit our website at www.buildsitepro.com

Meet the Surface Protection Experts team:

Pat Mullen is the CEO and Product Designer of Builders Site Protection, a surface protection and dust control supplier located in Bend, OR. A former research scientist, Pat started Builders Site Protection in 2004 after listening to friends and relatives in the construction industry complain about the high cost of damage to expensive finishes on a job site. Since then, she and the Builders Site Protection team have developed many award-winning innovative surface protection products that have saved builders millions on repair and replacement costs.

Surface Protection Expert

Heather Ley is the Senior Marketing Coordinator for Builders Site Protection’s marketing department. She has been with Builders Site Protection since 2010. Heather created the Lead Ready Containment Kit™ to help remodeling contractors meet the EPA’s RRP Rule without spending a fortune on necessary supplies. She is highly knowledgeable about the RRP Rule and OSHA regulations and stays up-to-date on new developments affecting the construction industry.

Surface protection specialist Heather

Steven Mullen-Ley is a Sr. Product Specialist who oversees new product development and distribution.  He has been with the company since 2014 after graduating from University of Oregon with a degree in Economics.  Steven has been working to improve the functionality of the ecommerce site as well as helped to bring several new products to market including the new, Edge ProTect.

Surface Protection Expert Steven

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