Addressing the future need of US infrastructure projects

It has been recently brought to public attention that the nation’s Federal Highway Trust Fund is nearly exhausted. The Federal Highway Trust Fund (FHTF) is responsible for funding a substantial proportion of American road construction and maintenance projects, and as such the New York Times reports that the FHTF is responsible for an estimated 700,000 construction related jobs. Congressional leaders are currently working towards agreeing upon a plan through which the FHTF will receive future funding.

This shortfall in funding comes at a time when road and highway infrastructure in America is in need of renovation and repair. The Huffington Post reports that within the last five years America’s world infrastructure ranking has fallen seven spots, dropping from a respectable seventh down to 14th in the world.

In order to protect construction jobs as well as improve the safety and efficacy of the nation’s highways, substantial investment in infrastructure projects is of paramount necessity.

                                        Bridge collapse along I-5 in Washington

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