All-New 48″ Protecta Foam Used at Knight Cancer Institute

Among the newest products we offer, the all-new 48″ Protecta-Foam will be used to protect interior walls and panels at OHSU’s new Knight Cancer Institute. A joint venture between Andersen Construction and Hoffman Corp, the new $160 million building is the latest in a string of expansions and additions to the science complex.

A rendering of the new Cancer Institute
Protecta-Foam has previously been used by Andersen Construction in numerous residential projects. However, this marks the first time it has been used in a commercial application to protect lab wall panels. The 48″ foam is being wrapped over bespoke wall panels, protecting lab-grade materials from surface damage. This marks the first commercial construction use of our new 48″ foam, which was created to provide more versatility in what could be protected with the foam. Also available in 30″, 18″, and 4″ widths, we now carry an extensive line of Protecta-Foam for new applications.
As this project progresses we’re excited to provide new products and existing protection solutions to this center. To learn more about Protecta-Foam, or any other surface protection products, visit our website or email us at


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