All-Protect – Our Newest Surface Protection Product

All-Protect is our latest surface protection product offering. It is an adhesive backed, fiber based liner that can be applied to nearly any interior (and some exterior) surfaces. Featuring a soft outer surface and an adhesive on the back, All-Protect quickly applies to surfaces and remains in place. These new 40″ x 82′ rolls are perfect for protecting high end finishes in nearly any application.

All-Protect can be used to protect elevator cabs, stainless steel, glass panels, floors, handrails, countertops and nearly any other high end finish. All-Protect was originally developed in Switzerland for use in aviation and aircraft repair, however it is now being rolled out to protect surfaces in construction applications too. While there are dozens of roll-on products for protecting floors and countertops, very few can be quickly applied to vertical surfaces. Typically, protecting any vertical or non-floor surfaces involves time intensive cutting material and taping seams. However with All-Protect it is a quick and easy process.

Currently, All-Protect is being used by one of our customers to cover laboratory panels in a new Cancer Research Center. This is just the first example of many for which All-Protect will be a solution for protecting unique surfaces.

To learn more about All-Protect, or any other surface protection products, visit our website or email us at

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