New Article: Specifying the Use of Surface Protection on Historic Interiors during Construction

Historic Buildings are irreplaceable, making the use of temporary Surface Protection vital to the success of the construction or remodeling project.  Protecting valuable interiors not only saves times, it can save thousands of dollars in repair costs as well.  Read Continue reading

Keep Your Jambs and Edges Dent and Scratch-Free

Jamb Saver in use We offer multiple products that protect surfaces commonly viewed as an afterthought throughout the building or remodeling process. Chiefly among them are our JambSaver and the Edge Protector. The Jamb Saver is a reusable and temporary Continue reading

Hiring a Remodeling Contractor: What Homeowners Should Know

Remodeling projects can be a real challenge for homeowners. Since even small projects can be a significant monetary investment, it’s important to choose the right contractor at the right price. There are several steps homeowners can take before they choose Continue reading

Q and A: Adesive Window Protection Removal

While The Surface Protection Experts receive many more inquiries about the removal of carpet film adhesive than of window films and liquids, it is still a fairly common occurence. There are two main types of window protection; films and liquid Continue reading

What is the Best Way to Protect a Wood Floor?

There are several key points to keep in mind when choosing a floor protection product. How long will the floor protection need to be used? Is the flooring glued down? Will there be foot traffic only or machinery used on Continue reading