Check Out New Orange CoverGuard Industrial Floor Protection

CoverGuard is a diamond plated plastic-based floor covering that has long been one of our bestselling products for commercial construction projects. Hospitals, courthouses, universities, and a number of other large construction projects have repeatedly turned to Coverguard to keep their floors and vertical surfaces damage-free. In an effort to better showcase surface protection efforts, Coverguard is now offered in a bright orange color. Even though we’ve only just received our distributor information about new Coverguard, we have already sold five pallets worth to a hospital project in Austin, Texas. We hope that many more customers will also like the new CoverGuard.

25 mil CoverGuard in the new Orange color

CoverGuard is offered in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and even with fire resistant capabilities. Visit our website or email us at to learn more about Coverguard.

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