Do It all With Our Red Polyethylene Tape

The most popular option to tape seams on RamBoard isn’t either type of RamBoard Tape, it’s Red Polyethylene Tape. Most of our commercial GC customers prefer the red tape because of the stronger hold and a more cost-effective price.

Also marketed as stucco tape, red tape, and poly tape, Red Polyethelyne Tape can be used on any application so long as the tape isn’t directly adhered to a finish surface. Indoors, outdoors, on stucco or on floor protection, poly tape is a capable do-it-all tool. Available in packs of 6 rolls or discounted cases of 24 rolls, the 2″ x 180′ is an affordable and versatile alternative to standard seam and duct


If you have any more questions about Red Poly Tape, or any other finish protection products, email us at or visit our website

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