DoorGuard Plus Now Available In More Sizes

Last year we unveiled our latest bespoke product for door protection, DoorGuard Plus. At that time, it was available for sale in a few sizes, ranging from 4′ x 8′ down to 3’6″ x 7′. Now, we have added to our website a number of new sizes for this product. The list of available sizes and the corresponding links to our website arre as follows:

4′ x 8′

4′ x 7′ 
3’8″ x 8′
3’8″ x 7′
3’6″ x 8′
3’6″ x 7′
3’4″ x 8′ 
3’4″ x 7′ 

DoorGuard Plus in-use in St. Charles Medical Ctr

Originally designed for use in hospitals, Doorguard Plus is now a common product that commercial and residential builders alike use in non-hospital settings. We have had a number of custom homebuilders rely on DoorGuard Plus to protect large and custom doors on homes, as well as other non-standard sized doors on commercial projects. Constructed from the same b/c flute board as our original DoorGuard, DoorGuard Plus withstands damage and can be reused. DoorGuard Plus is offered with larger attachment bands than standard DoorGuard, to better accomodate wider doors.

To learn more about DoorGuard Plus, or any other Surface Protection product, email us at or visit our website


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