Get Lead Abatement Ready with Builders Site Protection

The EPA is levying fines as large as ever for improper disposal and treatment of lead tainted substances. Fortunately, we offer numerous products to help your project become lead ready.

Our LeadReady kits include everything you need to safely remove and dispose of lead. From protective coveralls and booties, to respirators testing swabs and warning signs, a kit allows provides one person everything they need to safely remove lead.

If you’re not in need of an entire kit, the components of the LeadReady kit can be purchased individually on our website.
We also offer a selection of liquid products to help you become lead free. We provide lead encapsulate which seals over lead paint, and we also have LeadSafe dust cleaner that cleans lead dust post-abatement.
To learn more about becoming LeadReady, or any of our other products, please visit our website at

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