Get Your Water, Smoke, and Lead Remediation Supplies Through BSP

Recently we’ve taken on a new project sourcing materials and supplies for a local building with massive fire damage. Our customer came to us because he knew we could source just about anything for any type of job – and we did just that. Two portable air scrubbers with HEPA filters, dozens of gallons of smoke counteractant and degreaser later, along with hundreds of soot-ready chem sponges, that project is about done.

The point is, we stock a variety of remediation products, but we can also access even more types of specialized materials. Over the recent record-setting winter snowfalls, our customers were inundated with jobs to fix water damage due to failing roofs. We provided fungicidal coatings, mold killers, and sealants for eater damaged homes and businesses. And now that it’s a record-setting summer for fires, we’re filling the same role for smoke and fire damage.

If you’re in need of specialized materials to combat water damage, lead contamination, mold growth, smoke damage, or anything else, contact us at or visit our website¬†;

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