Great Customer Testimonial for Builders Site Protection’s Popular T-X268 UV Threshold Tape!

The T-X268 Threshold Tape has always been one of Builders Site Protection’s best-selling products.  Now a new customer testimonial explains why!  Teri Coulson of The Window Gal, LLC recently used T-X268 for a project that required protection for sliding door thresholds.  Although she was convinced the sliding door would not be able  to go over the threshold tape, she was soon proved otherwise!

“This Window Gal is one happy camper.  We went to the jobsite and placed the UV tape on the swinging door threshold.  [The homeowner] asked if we had anything for the pocketing multislide or the regular sliding door.  I told them I didn’t think the doors would be able to slide over the tape. 

Guess What. I was WRONG!  We put the tape down over the tracks and then sliced it so that it we could fold it down into the channels, and then we placed another piece down in the channel itself.  The door still SLIDES!  The tape is slick enough that the rollers still roll, and the channel in the panel itself glides right past and over the tape.  It’s great!  We also put one on the regular sliding door with a standard sliding doors sill, and even IT still slides.  It’s a little harder to slide it, but the tradeoff in what the finished door sill will look like 6 to 8 months from now is well worth it.”

Teri included the following photos which illustrate just how amazing the T-X268 Threshold Tape really is when it comes to protecting sliders.  

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