Home & Garden Show Season Is Here – Keep Floors Clean and Protected With Shoe Covers and Floor Protection

In the coming months, most homebuilding associations and new developments will be holding their annual tour of homes events. These events are designed to showcase new properties, remodels to existing properties, and to display the work of builders, contractors, and tradesmen.

While the point of these events are to draw people into homes, unfortunately that also leaves floors susceptible to being dirtied and damaged. Many builders in our local homebuilding association (Central Oregon Builders Association) rely on our shoe covers and floor coverings to keep their homes flawless and showroom ready.

Our Polypropylene (cloth) shoe covers are a popular floor protection for home and garden shows. These one-time use soft cloth based shoe covers are a quick and easy way to prevent dirt from being tracked into homes. The soft cloth material features additional materials on the sole in order to provide traction on slippery hardwood floors. Shoe covers are among the cheapest and simplest ways to prevent floor damage. We regularly provide these shoe covers to garden show associations, who then hand them out to patrons as they enter every property.

Surface Liner Vapor Floor Protection

Our most popular floor protection product for home showcases is our Surface Liner Vapor. Each roll of Surface Liner Vapor floor protection offers a slight adhesive tack, keeping the protection anchored to the floor without using any aggressive adhesives. Airy and soft to the touch, Surface Liner Vapor is a great way to prevent scratches and nicks in hardwood, tile, and cement floors. Due to its slight adhesive properties, Surface Liner Vapor is the ideal way to protect hardwood stairs.

To learn more about floor protection, or about any other surface protection needs you may have during home showcase season, email us at sales@buildsitepro.com or visit our website www.buildsitepro.com

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