Keep Toilets Clean With Toilet Sheath

Toilet Sheath keeps your toilet spotless and unused

Our Toilet Sheath has been a hot seller ever since we introduced it 8 years ago. Clients love seeing their toilets protected, clean, and clearly free of use.

Toilet Sheath is very easy to install, and it will fit any standard size toilet. Toilet Sheath quickly slides over the top of a toilet and fastens with draw tape around the base of the unit. It prominently features bilingual text for clear communication.

We offer Toilet Sheath in three quantities; box of 12, box of 50, and case of 150. Further, we offer custom printing with a minimum quantity purchase. Custom printing has been very popular, and many builders have their names and logos printed on the Toilet Sheath. Call us at (541) 633-7793 to inquire about custom printing.

If you’d like to learn more about Toilet Sheath or any other products we offer, give us a call at     (541) 633-7793, email us at, or visit our website

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