New 180 Day Window Film Available From Builders Site Protection

Our latest window protection, Window Film 180, is now in stock and ready to ship. To best provide a reliable, long-rated, and quality film, we switched manufacturers to produce this latest batch.

Window Film is a 24″ x 600′ of blue tinted film. Designed to withstand direct sunlight and use for 180 days, Window Film is a popular window protection solution for project in spring and summer. Whereas standard films degrade over time and in direct sunlight, Window Film 180 blocks UV damage, allowing it to remain on outdoor windows for 180 days without cracking or adhesive transfer.

WindOcoat being peeled off at project’s end

Another popular window surface protection product is WindOcoat. WindOcoat is a paint/spray on application that forms a solid plastic membrane over windows and surrounding surfaces. Available in 1 gallon or 5 gallon buckets,each gallon of WindOcoat covers 200sqft or glass and/or paneling. Rated for 365 day use, WindOcoat peels off in one clean sheet at project’s end, leaving behind clean and scratch free glass. Not only can WindOcoat prevent blemishes, it also saves on cleaning costs, as no final clean is necessary.

To learn more about Window Film, WindOcoat, or any other surface protection product, visit our website or email us at

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