New Air Scrubbers and Abatement Supplies Now On Our Website

In an effort to continually grow and expend our line of specialty abatement supplies, we now offer a wider array of Air Scrubbers than ever before. Now available in a range of sizes, capacity, and materials, our line of Air Scrubbers is capable of handling the needs of any project.

PAS600 Air Scrubber

Air Scrubbers draw air from a contaminated source and filter air to remove particulate matter. When set up in an enclosed space, scrubbers pass contaminated air through a high-efficiency HEPA filter, then through an exhaust vent outside of the enclosed workspace. In doing so, a negative air pressure is maintained within the work space, ensuring that no particulate matter escapes the work area. Cleaning the air and removing the contaminated particulate matter from air is an integral part of a remediation project, and it accelerates how quickly mold, smoke, and other damage can be repaired.

The new portable air scrubbers, manufactured by Abatement Technologies, are among the most compact and portable scrubbers available. Ideal for anything from home remodel and remediation projects to commercial sized restoration, our customers have relied on these machines like this for years.

To learn more about Air Scrubbers and other abatement materials, email us at or visit our website


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