New Product – Ram Board Multi-Cutter

The latest addition to our product line, the Multi-Cutter, is the ideal tool for cutting floor protection to size. Made by RamBoard, the Multi-Cutter is specially designed to speed up floor protection installation.

Featuring a two-sided blade, Multi-Cutter hooks behind floor protection and slides through it with ease. Multi-Cutter includes four blades which are magnetically stored inside of the handle. Additionally, Multi-Cutter features plastic stoppers that prevent the tool from scratching the floor or surface below.

While initially made for cutting RamBoard, Multi-Cutter can be used on any number of other floor protection and construction materials. Surface Liner Vapor, Clean & Safe, Carpet, Poly Sheeting, Rosin Paper, Roofing Felt, and many more commonplace material can be easily cut to size with the Multi-Cutter.

To learn more about Multi-Cutter, Floor Protection, or any other surface protection product, email us at or visit our website

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