New Product — Utility Box Covers

In an effort to create another new product, we actually looked back and rebooted one of our products that was popular eight years ago. Our *new* Utility Box Cover is a quick, affordable, and effective way to keep large utility boxes free from damage.

Utility Box Covers Quickly Keep Boxes Protected

On jobsites, it’s not uncommon for transformer and utility boxes to be used to hold things, get paint spilled on them, and get hugely dirty from the muddy and dusty construction environment. With Utility Box Covers, you can quickly attach pre-fitted plastic sheeting with an elastic band. Sold in cases of 12, the covers include the elastic bands needed for a quick install.

This simple and quick step ensures that utility boxes still look brand new at the end of a project. Superintendents have asked us multiple times about covering Utility boxes, because at the end of a project the new homes look fantastic but a beat up and ugly utility box is left visibly standing.

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