Prepare Your Jobsite for Summer Heat With UV Threshold Tape

One of our best selling products has always been UV Threshold Tape. Sold exclusively through Builders Site Protection, commercial and residential builders have been relying on this dependable threshold protection for years.

UV Threshold Tape features UV blockers, which ensure the tape will not crack and degrade when exposed to direct sunlight. Most tapes will break down indirect sunlight, making them a hassle to remove. As tapes degrade, the material begins to flake, transfer adhesives to the surface, and warp, making them messy and extremely difficult to remove. Fortunately UV Threshold Tape guarantees that none of these issues will happen to it for 180 days.

Available as a single roll or sold in a discounted case of 12 rolls, each 4″ x 180′ roll of UV Threshold Tape can cover roughly 30 standard thresholds. Each individual roll of threshold tape is $21.49, with the 12 roll case selling for $242.40.

To learn more about UV Threshold Tape or any of our other surface protection products, visit or email us at

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