Protecta-Foam Cabinet Protection Now Offered In New Sizes

We’re happy to announce that larger rolls of our popular Protecta-Foam cabinet protection are now available. In addition to the standard 30″ x 100′ and the small 4″ x 425′ rolls, we now offer these new sizes:

18″ x 425′
30″ x 425′ 
48″ x 425′ 

Our new 30″ x 425′ roll

Larger rolls are better suited for large-scale projects, and larger custom finishes. Now, rather than using multiple sheets to cover a kitchen island or specialized cabinetry, larger and longer rolls can accomplish more surface protection. Further, larger rolls also allow for quantity discounts, as the cost per square foot of larger rolls is less than that of the standard 30″ x 100′ roll. If there are a number of finishes to be protected, scaling up to a large roll of Protecta-Foam is the cost effective way to do so.

Cabinet makers and commercial builders have for years been interested in more product size options for Protecta-Foam, so we are excited to meet those requests. To learn more about Protecta-Foam, or any other surface protection product/need, email us at or visit our website

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