Q and A: Adesive Window Protection Removal

While The Surface Protection Experts receive many more inquiries about the removal of carpet film adhesive than of window films and liquids, it is still a fairly common occurence. There are two main types of window protection; films and liquid sprays.

Protective window films are the most common type of window protection. There are three main grades of film; 30-day use, 180-day use, and Block-out film. Builders should not use the 30-day use film for longer than thirty days or use the 180-day use for longer than 180 days or the risk of adhesive transfer increases significantly. There may also be an increased risk of adhesive transfer if the windows are in direct sunlight or are exposed to high heat. If you are a contractor experiencing adhesive transfer from protective window film to your windows, Try

Liquid window mask, also known as WindOCoat,  is applied the same way to windows that Tub Coat is applied to bath tubs. The liquid protection is painted or sprayed on and left to harden. It must be applied thick enough to be peeled off upon removal. If the window mask is not thick enough or is left on for more than a year, it may be difficult to remove. In order to remove the WindOcoat, spray it with water until it softens. Apply damp towels and scrub until the liquid window mask comes off.

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