“RamBoard Locked Horns With All Of The Demo We Could Throw At It And Won”

We’ve recently stumbled across an article detailing RamBoard’s role in protecting a pine floor in the midst of a substantial remodeling project.

MyFixItUpLife.com provides a great summation of RamBoard’s best attributes, collecting upon their recent first hand experience with the product. In it, they glowingly write

To give it a real run for its money we used Ram Board to protect pine floors on a plaster-demo and re-frame for a room rebuild. It stood up to about 3,000 pounds of plaster and lath falling on it chunk by chunk. It also shielded the floor from dragging ladders and scaffolds around.

RamBoard in use

In our own experience, our customers have given us nothing but great feedback about RamBoard floor protection. Visit our website to learn more about Ramboard, as well as all other surface protection and floor protection products we offer.

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