RamBoard Stair Armor Now In Stock

Stair protection is now in stock and available from Builders Site Protection. RamBoard Stair Armor is the newest stair protection brought to market, and it’s both affordable and easy to use. Stair Armor features indentations that easily fold into place and is held down by masking tape.

Available by the case or in packs of six, Stair Armor can accommodate and project, large or small. Stair Armor is 34″ wide and features an adjustable guard that can work with any size toe-kick. This stair protection features a padding on the bottom to ensure that nothing trapped under the Stair Armor can scratch stairs.

Stair Armor also shares many features with RamBoard. Like RamBoard, Stair Armor is made from a paper-based board material, and it features a spill guard which prevents against light water damage. It is non-staining and fully recyclable; effectively RamBoard for stairs.

Stair Armor is offered in packs of 6, which cost $39.99, however if you act quickly you can purchase a bundle of 6 Stair Armor pieces on sale for $30.99. We can also provide much larger quantities at a marginal discount, such as cases of 36 packs and pallets of 144 packs. Call or email us for more information about bulk pricing and shipping options. Check out our main website for more information about Stair Armor.

To learn more about Stair Armor or any other products we provide, please email us at sales@buildsitepro.com or visit our website www.buildsitepro.com

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