RECON Extreme Duty Cleaner Now Available

To continue bolstering our remediation and abatement supply, we have added RECON Extreme Duty Counteractant to our product line.

RECON is a cleaner and degreaser that is specially designed to remove heavy accumulations of grease and smoke/soot from hard surfaces. Applied by hand, by spray, or by pressure washer, RECON quickly acts on any suspended contaminants, dissolving them and allowing them to be quickly wiped away. RECON is a concentrated solution that can be diluted as much as 1:64, ensuring that one gallon of RECON can cover a large remediation area.

Each gallon of RECON is is $52.96. Because it can be diluted, and because it can be added to other standard cleaning products, RECON is a long-lasting remediation supply.

To learn more about RECON and all of our other abatement and remediation products, visit our website,, or email us at

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