Remodelers Beware! Small Businesses Not Safe from RRP Non-Compliance Fines

Since its implementation back in 2010, businesses large and small have been fined for failing to abide by the lead safety requirements set forth by the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule. The RRP Rule requires contractors remodeling an area greater than six square feet in a home built before 1978 to test for the presence of lead in the paint. If lead is detected, remodelers must notify the homeowner, contain hazardous dust as much as possible, and meticulously clean the remodeled area in order to comply with the RRP Rule. Every containment action must be documented and kept on file for a minimum of three years.

The implementation of the RRP Rule stirred up quite a bit of controversy within the remodeling community. Most remodelers were confused about what exact steps they needed to take to comply with the Rule. Some complained that the Rule caused an unfair extra expense for their businesses. Many contractors were not aware of the RRP Rule at all. This unfortunate lack of communication has not prevented the EPA from prosecuting violators of the RRP Rule. Violations are steep; as much as $37,500 per violation, per day.

According to a new article on, small businesses are in no way protected from incurring steep fines for violating the RRP Rule. The companies that have been fined thus far are a mixture of large and small companies, primarily located on the East Coast. Interestingly, one of the fined companies trains and certifies contractors in lead-safe renovation.

If you own a remodeling business and are curious about whether you are fully complying with the RRP Rule, there are several resources that may be able to help you. Start by checking out the EPA’s RRP Rule Guide to figure out how the Rule applies to your business. Here is a PDF version for small businesses.

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