Shoe Covers and Walk-Off Mats – Keep Your Jobsite Clean!

With winter weather around the corner, it is important to account for keeping mud, dirt, and debris off of jobsite floors. Two simple and quick methods can go a long ways in keeping floors clean and free of damage. Shoe Covers and Walk-Off Mats are our customers’ favorite ways to combat jobsite mud.

SCP Cloth Shoe Covers
Walk-off adhesive mats are a regular floor protection solution on jobsite, both residential and commercial alike. By preventing dirt and debris from entering a workspace, Walk-off mats save time in cleaning costs and can prevent floor damage to begin with. We carry two types of adhesive floor mats. We offer a standard pack, totaling 120 sheets, as well as a starter kit, which has 30 sheets and includes a plastic base. We recommended beginning with the Starter Kit, then using the standard packs to refill mats as needed.
We carry a range of shoe covers for every builders’ need. Starting with SCP disposable cloth shoe covers, which are ideal for temporary applications such as showing a home. When a shoe cover needs to be waterproof, the SPL line of shoe covers is ideal. Made from plastic and featuring an elastic band to keep the covers securely tied around a boot, these can stand up to wet weather and mud. Finally, Tyvek shoe covers are the strongest on the market. Made from reinforced Tyvek plastic, thse shoe covers are strong, tear-resistant, and waterproof.
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