Use 10 Mil CoverGuard for Floors, Carpets, Stairs, and Nearly Anything Else

We now stock 10 mil Orange Economy CoverGuard, an ideal and cost effective floor protection solution. At 10 mils thick, it is 40% the thickness of standard 25 mil CoverGuard. Because standard CoverGuard is so strong and durable, for many light duty projects it is essentially overkill – making it unnecessarily strong and heavy for the task at hand. While 25 mil CoverGuard is suited to handling heavy equipment and tools, it may be excessive for foot traffic and light use. The new 10 mil CoverGuard then fills the surface protection niche or being reusable and cost effective on a price per sqft basis.

This new updated CoverGuard is already being used by our customers to protect high end carpeting in custom home projects. Because is it stronger than standard films and because it is reusable, 10 mil CoverGuard can be a cost effective solution for carpet protection. The same can be said in regards to RamBoard, whose composite fibers don’t hold up as well over time as the plastic-based CoverGuard can. Stairs, tile, hardwood, concrete, countertops, and any number of other hard surfaces can all be reliably and safely protected by 10 mil CoverGuard.

CoverGuard Economy 10mil is sold in rolls of 36″ x 393′, totalling 1180 sqft. Each roll is currently discounted and retails for $200 on our website, a savings of $27 off of MSRP. Given that 10 mil CoverGuard is four times the length of RamBoard, Economy CoverGuard’s cost per square foot is actually lower than RamBoard’s.

To learn more about Economy 10 mil CoverGuard, or any other surface protection solutions, visit our website, or email us at

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