Visit BSP’s New Surface Protection Website

We are excited to launch the newest iteration of our website. Hosted on a new server and based on a new platform, promises to be faster and easier to use than ever before. An improved search function, easy to use ecommerce services, and all of the best features from our old site remain.

Over the past few weeks we have been working to improve all aspects of the site. Load times are substantially shorter, new products are featured, and there is an even better system in place for returning customers and creating accounts. These features ensure the quickest and simplest ecommerce experience our website has ever offered.

New products featured on the site are All-Protect vertical surface protection, Micropourous Coveralls, and new quantity options for Heavy Duty ZipWall Zippers and other ZipWall products.

For more information on surface protection products, product samples, and any other help you may need about surface protection, email us at or visit our updated site

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