“Walkability” Increasingly Important to New Home Buyers

According to a new article published in Builder Magazine, “walkability” is becoming more and more of an important factor for first-time home buyers.  “Walkability” refers to a home’s proximity to grocery stores, schools, restaurants, shops, etc.  Millennials are a major driving force behind the new push for walkable neighborhoods both urban and suburban.  City planner Jeff Speck says in his latest book, Walkable City, “The biggest population bubble in the last fifty years want to live in places with excitement and buzz. ..if we’re talking about new communities, the only answer is mixed-use and walkability.”

Its not just millennials who appreciate walkable communities, however.  Their parents, the Baby Boomers, are also more interested in the concept.  As baby boomers get older, many are opting to live in places where they don’t have to drive as much and can age in place.  For more information, check out the following article: Why Smart Builders Care About Walkability

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