We Have All-New Floor Protection In Stock Now!

We have given numerous updated about Ram Board Plus floor protection, and now we’re all stocked with pallets of it ready to ship same-day. However, we’re also now carrying another new floor protection in our Bend warehouse…

Orange Coverguard being used by one of our customers on a Texas hospital project

We’ve just received our first shipment of Orange CoverGuard. Measuring 36″ wide by 180′ long, new Orange CoverGuard is a non-flame resistant alternative to standard CoverGuard. The benefit of losing its flame retardant properties is that it is offered at a lower cost than standard CoverGuard.

CoverGuard is made from a diamond-plated plastic that stands up to machine traffic, foot traffic, impact damage, and is generally an extremely tough material to damage. CoverGuard is slip-resistant due to it’s diamond texture, and it is easily to unroll and lay flat on floors. It is a fantastic surface protection solution for commercial projects, and it can be cut down to become more versatile as well. For example, a regular customer placed an order for three rolls that he will be modifying to protect stairs at a high end car dealership remodel project.

Due to this reduced price, we list it as CoverGuard Economy on our website. Visit our website www.buildsitepro.com to learn more about floor protection, and any other finish protection products.

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