We’ve Got A New Product to Offer

The first of our many new products is up and running on our website! We’re happy to now offer Safety Boot Rail Protection.

Safety Boot system comprises of the yellow pieces mounted to the stairs

The new rail protection allows contractors to create free-standing OSHA compliant guardrails for perimeter protection. Safety Boot is an easy-to-use anchor that allows for wood 2″ in thickness to be quickly constructed into a handrail system. Safety Boot can be drilled into concrete as well, making it ideal for commercial builders, too.

All of this prevents workers, customers, and any others on-site from taking a nasty fall. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is being sued into oblivion or getting stuck with obnoxious worker’s comp hassles and lost man-hours, just get a Safety Boot.

As always, if you have any questions about surface protection, email us at sales@buildsitepro.com, call us at (541) 633-7793, or visit our website www.buildsitepro.com

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